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Life @ NeoGrowth

In the 6th Century BCE, a Scythian philosopher Anacharsis said: “Play, so you may be serious!” This quote in a nutshell summarizes the life at NeoGrowth. Life at NeoGrowth is a mix of fun Friday birthday parties, quarterly company off-sites and also regular team outings. We take our ‘play and off-sites’ very seriously so that we are awesome with our company responsibilities! We strongly believe that bonding outside work results in great team work and has a direct impact on the company performance. You can be assured of this: You are going to find some of your best friends in your stint at NeoGrowth.

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NeoGrowth: Gender Balance in the workforce- enhancing women employee’s strength

Our company’s diversity goal is based on two principles i.e. a strong commitment and organization wide sensitisation which makes NeoGrowth a great place for women to work. We have introduced several programs to ensure balanced gender diversity and make the work environment very comfortable and conducive for women employees.

Some of the initiatives to promote work culture favourable for women employees are:

  • Whistle-Blower policy and a policy to prevent Sexual Harassment at workplace in line with best practices in the industry.

  • Work-Life flexibility: Considerate Leave policy including Maternity Leave Benefits. In exceptional cases, we allow leave over extended periods, and also protect the job in case of even longer leave requirements.

  • Back to work, Second Innings for Women employees who have taken a break due to social compulsion or to meet family obligations.

  • Focus on Training and Development programmes including our very unique Gyandhaara series, sponsor employees for external training programs, Team building initiatives i.e. off-site programs which includes adventure sports like white-water rafting, rappelling, etc.

  • A healthy work environment where employees can have fun, enjoy, learn and grow. This includes Town Halls, Picnic, Fun Fridays, Coffee with HR, MD Connect, Birthday cake cutting, Spa at office etc. etc.