Digital Adoption for Small Businesses – Google & WhatsApp Marketing

We are living in the age of digitalization where internet-based tools & platforms have become a new normal for promotion of every business. Google & WhatsApp Business tools enable you to establish and widen your business presence on internet, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and eventually help you grow your business.

In the last part of our series on digital adoption for small businesses, we explained ‘How a brand reaches its customers?’ In this part we will cover ‘How does customer reach a brand?’

‘Google’ the world’s largest search engine platform is a market for every business today.

  1. How Google helps to create an online brand ?

    Let’s consider you are based in a market at some location surrounded with 40 to 50 other shops. If one customer sees your shop, he/she will observe your shop’s display items, how big is your shop, what crowd is present at your shop etc. These are all the things the customer notices the first time he visits your shop. As a business owner you do invest a lot of money into making your business front more attractive and appealing. Now Google basically creates a store front on the digital side of it, by listing your business on internet through “Google my business” platform. Here you can put all your business information like your shop pictures, promotions, offers, product catalogue & many more.

  2. How to target customer on Google ?

    On basis of the digital information you have included in your platform like age wise preference, specific location, geographic area & most importantly what key words you included while registering your business.
    For instance, best Chinese restaurant, best Asian food restaurant, best Chinese food delivery, best restaurant near me. These are the search options of customers & basis this, google will promote your business advertisement to the target customers. Keywords are the most important part in Google ads.

How to promote your business on WhatsApp ?
  1. India is the largest user of WhatsApp. On an average an individual sends/receives 43 messages every day on WhatsApp, which is a phenomenally huge number. Based on this, WhatsApp has created a business account for SMEs. With the help of WhatsApp business account, in addition to text messages, you can send promotional videos, images, offers to a larger customer base. At a time, messages can be sent out to more than 250 people.
  2. RBI has recently allowed the facility of payments through ‘WhatsApp Pay’ which is surely a game changer in the e-payments domain. So now as a business you can engage your customers and at the time of receiving orders you can also receive your payments through WhatsApp Pay.

The user-friendliness, reach and effectiveness of these digital tools is making them a new normal in today’s time and hence, it is important for every business to mark their presence on these platforms and cherish an amplified growth.

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