Digital Adoption for Small Businesses – Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

is the use of social media platforms to connect with your customers to build your brand, increase sales, and enhance customer-base. Social media marketing is a powerful way of promotion for businesses of all sizes. Your customers are already present on social media, and if you are not communicating directly to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others, then you are missing out on a huge business opportunity.

So firstly, let us see how digital marketing can impact your business in a positive way & which tools will help you better:

  1. Digital marketing

    provides a wider reach to your customers. Today you can take your local business into a global market with the help of digital marketing

  2. It helps targeting relevant customers for your products & services. A business can choose to decide which all customers you want to show your Ads to, which would be relevant to the product & services you are selling. Something which offline marketing tools like hoardings, brochures would not help you in
  3. You can measure the return for money you spent on advertising. Today you can track & get analytics in terms of statistics on understanding how many people viewed your advertisement, how many people clicked on your advertisement, how many leads got generated from which set of marketing campaigns

Social media marketing is the most effective and popular form of digital marketing. Let us look at which all tools can basically help you in social media marketing:
Facebook is the largest social media platform today with a userbase of 217 million users in India itself. We are the largest userbase globally. Social media marketing helps you create engagement, talk to your client & acquire new clients. Your clients will help create references for your business & overall bring in more customers for you.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook helps in targeted advertising of your products & services. Targeted advertising gives you the criteria option to select specific industry, specific age level, gender, occupation, location, specific area to target & show advertisement to each set of audience as per your criteria. This helps to make your advertising campaigns more appropriate, effective and differentiates online marketing from offline marketing. It helps to generate leads & enquiries for your products & services. Social media also helps in building a community of your customers & also build your brand.
In our next part, we will learn more about Google & WhatsApp Business tools as medium for marketing.

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