Mr. Dhruv Khaitan, Chairman, Outlines NeoGrowth’s Mission and Charter

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Addressing the entire NeoGrowth team on the first Town Hall, Mr Khaitan spoke about the four foundational elements of NeoGrowth’s charter. Causing Societal Impact, Being a Pioneer, using Innovation as a Driver, and Enablement by Technology. He also explained how NeoGrowth was poised to cause orbit changing innovation in its field. “The societal mission is the moving spirit in every employee, and each passionately motivated employee then seeks the insights that would drive the business forward. In that sense, every employee is as much an innovator as a doer” He concluded his speech by introducing a tagline which the team has very famously caught onto “Hum Data Ke Deewane”, which requires a person to Observe carefully, Compile, Analyse and then Act on the information in order to be a complete “Data Junkie”.

The Business section continued with some more inspirational speeches by the senior management and an interactive Q&A with the team. The company also honoured and recognised high performers in the Awards and Recognition session which followed. The rest of the evening continued with some comical and entertaining acts where a lot of new talent was discovered within the different departments at NeoGrowth. After dinner, the DJ took charge with foot stomping Bollywood Beats which had everyone in great form. The whole event was webcast live allowing the teams at Delhi & Bengaluru to view the proceedings.

NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd. is a fast growing Non-Banking Finance Company registered with the Reserve Bank of India* and is a member of CIBIL. NeoCash, the Smart Merchant Advance offered by NeoGrowth, is the first of its kind business finance option for Apparel Stores, Groceries, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Salons and other small businesses with unique features. NeoCash is tailor made for merchants accepting card payments, as it has no fixed EMI and allows Automatic Repayment. The product requires Minimum Documentation, and comes with Doorstep Fulfilment Service. NeoGrowth has been set up by DK & PK Khaitan in 2011, and Omidyar Networks, a Silicon Valley VC fund, also has an equity investment. Having piloted the product in 2012-13, NeoGrowth has launched commercial operations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and plans to expand to other markets in India. NeoGrowth has built AdvanceSuite©, the most sophisticated Business Advance platform in the world, which enables seamless enterprise wide workflow integration, automated tracking, robust risk management, reporting and business intelligence capabilities.