Mr. Piyush Khaitan, MD & Co-Founder, NeoGrowth, honored to be amongst the 30 Most Creative leaders of 2018 by Mirror Review.


Mirror Review is a Magazine Company with a mission to depict not only the achievements of companies and
entrepreneurs but also to shed light on the innovations they are carrying to disrupt the current market scenario.
Excerpt from the article:
“According to Piyush Khaitan, creativity is a phenomena that evolves along with the environment around it. Belonging to an entrepreneurial family, Piyush and his brother, Dhruv Khaitan (Chairman of NeoGrowth) began their entrepreneurship in a sector that was both challenging and taxing. However, this did not stop him from going after a precarious sector. Piyush was enticed by the  idea of the business which would provide the small & medium enterprises (SMEs) with access to finance, based on digital payments. He wanted to actively participate in this e-payment sector with creative and distinctive ideas, thereby serving this ecosystem.”

Piyush’s voyage to entrepreneurship began with a digital payments processing firm, Venture Infotek, which he, along with his brother, later sold to a European multinational company. Piyush had also founded DEI, India’s largest secure card personalization bureau, which merged into Venture Infotek in 2007. He has worked closely with the Card Networks, RBI and IBA in framing policies and giving direction to the card payments industry in India. Piyush was also the Founder, Chairman of the ‘ePayments Focus Group’ of the Smart Card Forum of India (SCAFI) from 2000 to 2005.

It was during these building years, where working closely with retailers, both Dhruv & Piyush recognized the stumbling blocks in terms of accessing finance. More than 50% of these retailers, though credit-worthy, were denied finance based on traditional underwriting methods. It was this gap that Dhruv & Piyush aimed to bridge with NeoGrowth. Piyush acknowledges his journey saying, “The journey so far has been adventurous & eventful and we are getting closer to our objective day by day. Our tech & touch model along with our customer centric business philosophy are the key attributes which have helped us to emerge as the market leaders.”

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