NeoCash now available to mCommerce Merchants

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.04.06 pmNeoGrowth today announced that NeoCash, the Smart Merchant Advance is now also available to mCommerce merchants in India. NeoGrowth has successfully integrated the Mobile Payment Device with its AdvanceSuite© platform. This allows merchants to use their Smart phones along with a Bluetooth device to accept card payments for their business. Their transactions are completely secure and meet EMV& PCI- DSS requirements. They allow for chip card usage and also for secure PINentry. NeoGrowth now offers a Full Service Pack to its customers which includes the Smart Phone, Card Acceptance Device, Payment Processing Support, Merchant information Portal and Data Plan in one single package. What’s more, The Smart Phone has a dual SIM compatibility, so that the merchant can use it for other voice & data purposes but the card information is always secure. NeoGrowth has always wanted to focus on low ticket merchants and this is the lowest cost reliable solution available. Mr. Piyush Khaitan, M.D of NeoGrowth said, “Card acceptance in India is now at 1 million outlets. The next big jump will be to 3 million outlets over the next 3- 4 years. We believe that mCommerce is a critical ingredient for this big step up to happen.” NeoGrowth has also created a unique delivery model for its customers using this solution. Business Advances can be funded in 3 days from sanction. This is a first, and a feature which is much appreciated by customers in need of immediate funding. The customer also gets access to an online information portal, whereby transactions can be viewed in real time, and an auto settlement capability which ensures next day automatic payment.