NeoGrowth employees and the company support relief activities in post – earthquake Nepal. 900 Solar Lamps donated as part of our CSR program.

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A 7.9 Richter scale earthquake struck Nepal and parts of Northern India on 25th April 2015, and resulted in over 8,000 deaths. The effect was devastating, and millions of persons were homeless without proper shelter, food, water and electricity.

A massive effort was launched, with the first phase as rescue, and the immediate second phase being relief and rehabilitation. From Large conglomerates to tiny startups, companies pulled out all the stops to support the rescue mission in Nepal, offering men, money and materials on a scale never done in the past. From blankets to drinking water to medicines to food simply cash, a steadily growing list of companies has committed resources to help our stricken neighbour.

Employees at NeoGrowth contributed from their salaries to create a fund for relief of the earthquake victims, and a matching amount was contributed by the company. Fromthisamountwepurchased900solarlampsandtookassistance of an NGO working in the hilly remote area to distribute these lamps where electric supply was completely cut-off.

This is not the first time NeoGrowth has acted in the face of tragedy. The employees of NeoGrowth and the Company also lent support during Uttrakhand floods in 2013 by distributing solar lamps to persons in the affected area that time as well.