NeoGrowth expands its fintech Footprint

NeoGrowth continuing on its journey of providing capital to retailers for business growth has opened nine new branches across India. These fully functional & operational branches have brought the ease of getting business finance to the door-steps of retailers at Lucknow, Vijayawada, Surat, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Madurai, Ludhiana, Baroda and Mysore.


With this NeoGrowth now has a presence in nineteen major cities across India and is a step closer to achieving its objective of enabling small businesses to access finance in a quick and easy manner.

The country is witnessing a surge in Digitization and various day to day activities, right from as basic as paying utility bills to financial transactions involving payments made for inventory purchase, business expansion, renovation etc. are all being made in a matter of minutes using various digital payment mediums. Thus, it is to no surprise that the Indian consumers as well as businesses are adopting themselves more & more towards this digital revolution.
NeoGrowth aims at contributing towards this digital revolution in its own humble and proficient manner, having created a niche in the lending space by helping small and medium sized retailers, restaurants, beauty salons, automobile dealers and fuel stations.

The NeoGrowth loan product is very different from a typical bank loan. NeoGrowth has done away with the necessity of the merchant to visit the lender’s location at any stage. All the stages involved from loan application to disbursement are streamlined and powered by technology & manpower support. This helps in saving crucial time for business owners and provides them with ease and assurance of availing quick finance.
With the addition of these new cities in its operational domain, NeoGrowth business loans are now available to a wider demography of retailers who can now experience the digital growth in its truer sense and benefit from the same.