NeoGrowth in The City of Pearls


NeoGrowth is now operational in Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. The Hyderabad branch is a full service branch, with a Direct Sales Team, Referral Agents and Alliance partners. The branch also has Underwriting, Customer Services and Portfolio Management teams. This is our sixth branch after the ones at Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune, and will serve the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad.

NeoGrowth Hyderabad Team The Secret of getting ahead is getting started
Hyderabad is well-known for four specialties – Pearls, Chai, Biryani & Information Technology.

Hyderabad was historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre and it continues to be known as The City of Pearls. Hyderabad is said to be the largest market for pearls in the country. Many of the city’s traditional markets like Laad Bazaar, Begum Bazaar and Sultan Bazaar, have remained open for centuries.

Irani Chai is to Hyderabad what Coke is to America. In no other city of India, one can find so many Irani Cafes like the ones springing up in Hyderabad. It is the Irani Cafes where many business meeting are held over a cup of Tea. Biryani in Hyderabad dates back to the royal kitchens of the Asaf Jahis and their rich culinary extravaganzas. Today, there are several versions of the original recipe of Biryani in the city.

In the Hyderabad’s history of enhancing pearls, beautiful poetry, mouth-watering multi-cuisine we also have modernization catching up in Hyderabad as city is growing into an Information Technology hub, and developing as a lively urban metropolis. This has led to the city also being called “Cyberabad”.

The retail sector in general has grown at a tremendous pace with modern shopping malls, and all the retail brands in the market having a visible presence in Hyderabad. With this, the twin cities have experienced a growth not only in retail outlets, but also in verticals like restaurants, beauty & wellness as well as healthcare.
NeoGrowth’s presence will enable such small businesses to access loans in a quick and easy manner. NeoGrowth will provides vital growth capital to businesses and acts as a catalyst to accelerate business growth and help them become more successful.