NeoPos – Another first full suite of payment device option from India’s most innovative small business accelerator


NeoPos, a new customer delight solution has been launched by NeoGrowth, with a complete suite of card accepting Point-of-Sale devices that cater to every need of the merchant. NeoPos is for all types of businesses, be it traditional way where only a wired landline is available, or desktop with GPRS terminal, where no wired landline is required. NeoGrowth has also launched A special solution for niche merchants using hand-held GPRS terminal, which is suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, home-delivery businesses, Petrol Pumps and many more businesses which require mobile devices. Coupled with the Android mobile phone based payment device launched a few months ago, this completes the solution suite. With the entire gamut of POS machines on offer, NeoGrowth has successfully covered the device requirements of all existing and prospective merchants. This solution has dramatically improved the turn around time required to process a loan. Now it takes only 2 -3 days from the time of approval to disbursing the loan which is the fastest in the industry. The daily payments to the merchant are transferred early morning so that the merchants can use the funds effectively on T+1 day basis. This has become a huge customer delight factor. NeoGrowth’s aim is to set-upand maintain a best-in-class benchmark for payment transfer. Mr. Piyush Khaitan, Managing Director of NeoGrowth said, “At NeoGrowth, we ensure such a high level of customer service by maintaining local inventory in all our offices. All set-up and programming is done by remote transfer of data from a secure central server. The device can also be replaced immediately in case of any breakdown. NeoGrowth is also the single touch point for the merchant, whether it is related to cash advance or card payments. This results terrific convenience, and also in instilling a lot of confidence into our merchants.”