Our small initiative towards helping the society

“We make a living by what we get, we make a Life by what we give “- Winston Churchill

The recent drought that various regions of our country have been facing has cast its dark shadow over the lives of many farmers across the nation. The lack of water has affected their farmlands resulting in loss of livelihood, forcing them to move to nearby cities in search of basic necessities of life.

The people, who till yesterday were growing vegetables, grains, pulses etc. for the nation, are now moving from place to place, in search of food and water.

Acknowledging this condition and being conscious of our moral obligation to society, NeoGrowth and Khaitan Holdings, organised a voluntary drive among our employees to collect grains & other daily essentials to be distributed to a set of farmers from Latur and Nanded region of Maharashtra, who leaving their homes and farms, are taking shelter in refugee camps at an erstwhile dumping ground at Ghatkopar (Mumbai).


This small initiative resonated across all our employees and resulted in collection of 900 Kgs of grains which was distributed amongst 248 drought affected families.

Employees of NeoGrowth and Khaitan Holdings actively participated in this drive and were involved in the entire process of grain collection to its distribution to the drought affected people.


The feeling of giving had made its way into the hearts of our employees and provided a sense of fulfilment looking at smiles on faces of these people.

With the onset of monsoons we hope that this dire situation will improve and these farmers will be able to go back to their homes, back to their livelihoods and sow the seeds to their future growth.

This distribution drive has further strengthened our resolve in making this world a better place…. One small step at a time.