Pride in Growth NeoGrowth revamps its identity

NeoGrowth has announced the unveiling of its new brand identity. According to the company, the new design of the logo reflects the rebranding thought process in the best way possible. The letter ‘G’ in the company’s name has been designed as an upward moving arrow which signifies ‘Pride in Growth’.

The company added that as the founding member of ‘Digital Lenders Association of India‘, NeoGrowth has pioneered the evolution of digital lending in India and said that it has disbursed over 650 million dollars’ worth of loans till date.

“The idea behind the inception of NeoGrowth was achieving inclusive growth in the country. India is the fastest-growing economy in the world and SMEs form its very backbone, but the segment has been struggling with barriers like finance and time. NeoGrowth was therefore founded as a solution for these businesses, financially empowering them and consequently contributing to the growth of India’s economy. As a brand, we have been aiming to deliver constant growth while laying emphasis on innovations, accountability, and customer-centeredness”, Piyush Khaitan, founder and MD, NeoGrowth, said.

With the new brand identity, NeoGrowth has also created a ‘sonic logo’, is essentially a musical note or series of notes that conveys the brand identity, evokes emotional connection and builds brand attribution.