Sexual Harassment Redressal (SHR) Policy Implemented

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NeoGrowth has implemented Sexual Harassment Redressal Policy (SHR) at its work place. The aim is to safeguard the work surroundings as well as to provide a non – discriminatory environment with equality for its employees in order to give their best to the company. SHR has incorporated all the guidelines on Sexual Harassment at Workplace passed by the Supreme Court. The policy covers all the employees of NeoGrowth which includes on rolls, off rollsfull time, part time, contractual or outsourced employees. A special SHR committee has been set up which is headed by Mrs Mohini Divekar (Chairperson) and compromises of four other staff members, in order to redress any complaints put forward. The committee in line with the rules set under the law, consists of three senior female and two senior male members. The key intent of implementing SHR is to maintain a harmonious relationship with no gender bias and to continue the positive growth in the workforce for our employees. Mrs Mohini Divekar is an alumni of IIM – Bangalore, and a wellregarded HR professional with over 15 years of relevant experience. The policy itself has been formulated by Mr Vijay Mahajan, our Advisor – HR. Mr Mahajan, has had a long career in HR function and was head of group corporate HR of AFL, he has also been a member of the Executive board of the national HRD network amongst being associated with other leading companies in the NBFC, education, healthcare, energy and engineering space. An Update from NeoGrowth Mrs Mohini Divekar Mr Vijay Mahajan NeoGrowth Credit Pvt. Ltd. 501, Tower 2B, One IndiaBulls Centre, 841 S.B. Marg, Mumbai 400 013, India. NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd. is a fast growing Non–Banking Finance Company registered with the Reserve Bank of India and is a member of CIBIL. NeoCash, the Smart Merchant Advance offered by NeoGrowth, is the first of its kind business finance option for Retailers, F&B outlets, Healthcare and Beauty providers amongst a host of other categories, with unique features. NeoCash is tailor made for merchants accepting card payments, as it has no fixed EMI and allows Automatic Repayment. The product requires Minimum Documentation, and comes with Doorstep Fulfilment Service. NeoGrowth has been set up by DK & PK Khaitan in 2011, and Omidyar Networks, a Silicon Valley VC fund, has recently acquired an equity stake in the company. Having piloted the product in 2012-13, NeoGrowth has launched commercial operations in Mumbai & Delhi and plans to expand to other markets in India shortly. © NeoGrowth has built AdvanceSuite , the most sophisticated Business Advance platform in the world, which enables seamless enterprise wide workflow integration, automated tracking, robust risk management, reporting and business intelligence capabilities.