The most advanced platform for Smart Merchant Advance

NeoGrowth has developed the world’s most advanced Business Intelligence platform for management of Smart Merchant Advance (SMA) business. The platform is called AdvanceSuite and has robust
technological capacity. It can manage all aspects of Smart Merchant Advance business, from Lead Sourcing to Operations and Credit, to Disbursal, Portfolio Servicing, and Risk Management. The system is also designed to facilitate Merchant Renewals and manage financial transactions. There is no other single software in the market today that allows for complete end-to-end operation of an SMA business. AdvanceSuite touts a highly-customisable framework designed to automate and streamline operational processes while maximizing the capture of reportable data. Key features include a workflow builder, a Pre-QualificationRules Engine, Automated Applicant Score Cards, integrating pricing tools, CRM, and On Demand / Self Service Reporting. Use of cutting edge technology and an attractive, easy-to-navigate interface guarantees an exceptional user experience. Powerful data analytics are just one of the platform’s many “intelligent” capabilities. Another benefit is that AdvanceSuite can be accessed from the comfort of anywhere, as it is based on Cloud.


In order to enhance management control and convenience, we are also developing the mobile version of AdvanceSuite to manage business on the move and an App compatible with Smart Phones, with which customers can track their application, call for account statements, check new offers, log service requests, apply for renewal and more.

The platform’s development has been led by Scott Cohenford, a highly experienced Smart Merchant Business professional from USA working with NeoGrowth. He has been supported by a team of software engineers having a strong global presence and experience with building best-in-class software products. Commenting on the release of AdvanceSuite, Mr. P. K. Khaitan, Managing Director, NeoGrowth said, ‘We have invested in a team of over 20 professionals and 2 calendar years of effort in designing and developing this product. I am certain this investment will pay huge dividends as we scale up our business, and reach out to more customers.

scott-pic_07Scott Cohenford comes with an experience of more than a decade in the financial services and Merchant Advance in USA. He has developed Business Intelligence (BI) platforms for finance companies throughout the United States and in the UK, in addition to designing pricing models, risk scoring systems, and portfolio management tools. Held full-time executive positions at two of the nation’s leading Merchant Advance companies, including a role as Senior Vice President at Business Financial Services and a role as Director of Business Planning & Analysis at RapidAdvance.
AdvanceSuite – the future of running, managing and growing your Smart Merchant Advance Business.