Ex Casuals
Bipin Gada
“Repayment process is so simple that paying back never pinched me”

EX casuals is a Garment outlet specialized in western casual wear for men & women. EX Casuals boasts of stocking trendy western wear & has a loyal base of customers who turn to this shop for picking up latest in fashion world.

About the business

EX Casuals was born out of the sheer entrepreneurship of Mr. Bipin Gada who was working as a salaried professional in Garment industry. Equipped with necessary business knowledge, he decided to start his own business & ventured into readymade garment retailing 10 years back. With business growing steadily he opened another outlet & had plans to expand further. Like any business, the garment business also requires working capital for various regular expenses like cost for equipment, interiors, employee salary etc.

Caught up in managing the regular expenses, there was a need of additional liquid funds if his dreams to grow his business were to materialize. That’s when he started exploring his options to avail a business loan.

NeoGrowth's Role
Mr. Bipin started looking for a business loan through his contacts & various other sources. He found the bank’s repayment process quite stringent with a fixed EMI & fixed date of repayment. He realised that with his current operating expenses of the business, repayment through this medium would be challenging for him. It was then that he came across NeoGrowth business loan.

“The best & most convenient part of NeoGrowth loans is their repayment model based on the business performance. NeoGrowth understood my requirements & linked repayment to my card swipe business. This has given me comfort as I get more time to repay my loan if business slows down. In true sense it’s like a business partnership. NeoGrowth has a superior customer service team that helped me all through my loan tenure.”

“A true business friend like NeoGrowth helps you with money every time you need.”