Sams Studio
Vabez Sarosh Wankadia
“As a woman entrepreneur NeoGrowth gave me wings and a completely new perspective towards dreaming big”

Sam's Studio provides specialised hair, beauty and nail treatment to their clients. They have recently expanded and introduced spa and rejuvenation services. They cater to a high profile customer base spread across the posh areas of Bandra and Pali Hill in Mumbai.

About the business

The ‘Beauty Industry’ is multiplying many folds, specialised salons are upgrading themselves to deliver top quality experience and service to their clients. The dynamics of the wellness industry are much more demanding and one has to raise their standards to cater to this upward trend.

Vabez started with Sam’s Studio 5 years back, her first step towards building her dream into reality was the fact that she never feared failure. She started with a salon and expanded her offerings further into spa’s and specialised hair treatments. As a business woman she is extremely particular about anticipating her expenditure and having a contingency plan, financial stability is an important factor to her growth plan.

NeoGrowth's Role
Vabez got to know about NeoGrowth via digital media and approached them instantly without any hesitation. NeoGrowth appealed to her as a businesswoman, as well as a passionate entrepreneur. “As a woman entrepreneur NeoGrowth gave me wings and a completely new perspective towards dreaming big.”

NeoGrowth is her financial backbone, she has already found a friend in them and is looking forward to renewing her contract. Vabez is particularly very excited about the convenience of the repayment system which is completely based on your sales, this suits her as there is complete transparency in the way NeoGrowth functions. “My clients are so inquisitive about this friendly gadget, every swipe deducts my repayment which means I have no stress at the end of the month, I can define NeoGrowth as flexible, reliable and trustworthy.”

A brand that inculcates trust, is the one that you recommend and she candidly says, “I always tell my friends about NeoGrowth, you never know who needs their financial backing.”

NeoGrowth is proud to be associated with a woman of substance, Vabez’s story is a testimony to the fact that women entrepreneurs are unstoppable, as long as they believe in themselves any target is achievable.