Zahir and Monica
“We had a brilliant customer experience with NeoGrowth. We have recommended NeoGrowth to all our friends in retail!”

SportXS - founded by Zahir and Monica- is a big chain of sport retail stores spreading across 4 cities - Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore

About the business

SportXS is essentially a sports care equipment brand and its one of the India’s largest and the only organised equipment retail store. They have around 10 stores across 4 cities – 3 stores in Mumbai, 3 stores in Bangalore, 2 in Chennai and 2 in Pune.

NeoGrowth's Role
As with most of the entrepreneurs, the secured lending becomes a big issue. And same was the case with SportXS. They were looking at small time lending for their working capital needs. And after searching on internet , they found NeoGrowth. They contacted NeoGrowth around end of January, 2016. NeoGrowth’s timley response and hassle free documentation helped them to get the funds at the right time to expand their business.

Their experience can be summarized in their words:
“NeoGrowth is one of the best partners to have on board.”